Time for action: Creating a culture (Part 1)

England’s recent failings at all levels this summer has caused more concern from English football fans about the amount of quality players we are producing for our national team. Fingers have been pointed at The FA, Premier League, coaches of grassroots and others.

However we all have to take some blame for this.

The FA have started to make changes; the change of format to the grassroots game and the appointment of three good coaches to head up youth development in the country. The Premier League has the power to do what it wants and our voices are unlikely to be heard when the FA can’t influence the Premier League to make positive changes.

So what are YOU, the people working at grassroots level, doing to create change to our football in England? Continue reading


The Tactics Board – Undervalued at Grassroots Level

Is this an underused piece of equipment at Grassroots Level?

Is this a part of your coaching equipment?

We see professional managers and coaches using a tactics board on a regular basis to explain what they want from their team. So why can’t we use it?

We as coaches of grassroots teams may not need to go into the same tactical depth as professional managers. However as a visual aid for Continue reading

Best Session Yet

I’ve been coaching U9’s at a grassroots club since August. Over the last 2 months, I’ve taken full control of training sessions and the improvement has been substantial.

Players are arriving early because the sessions are more enjoyable and the kids have seen an improvement in their performances on a Sunday. The use of SSG’s has lead to an improvement in technique and decision making and the Q&A after the session has helped to develop their understanding of each session topic. Players are desperate to answer questions, which is a big difference Continue reading

Changes are Needed – Response to Future of Youth Football Proposals

I’ve just read the new proposals via @nlevett on Twitter and I have to say I am very impressed. If all these proposals are put through, grassroots football will change for the better.

However, there are two very big issues that need to be addressed no matter what changes are introduced. The first issue is the parents. No matter how many changes are made to the size Continue reading

Encouragement: The Underestimated Coaching Tool

Sunday 6th November – Wadham FC Under 7’s Match Review:

This match report is a bit late, but there were some key moments in the game that I have to share with fellow coaches.

I was asked to manage the Under 7’s team for that match as the Head Coach was away on holiday.

It was a great experience for me as a coach and I would encourage anyone who wants to be a coach to work with children of a young age at some stage. They remind you of the reasons why we all love football. They don’t take the result seriously; they just play to have fun. When I first joined Wadham, I was excited Continue reading

Grassroots Football: Problems, Problems, Problems!

What has the manager in 10 years got to work with?!

The Spain vs England friendly brought back comparisons between the quality of players Spain are producing compared to England. Take a look at Spain’s squad for the friendly.

Spain squad to face England:

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Jose Reina (Liverpool), Victor Valdes (Barcelona); Continue reading