Coaching A Topic – A Key Lesson To Help Your Players’ Understanding

Never waste a moment to develop your players’ understanding of a topic. Too many coaches are not extracting the maximum learning potential of a match situation. Treat a match like a training session.

It’s pre-season and in the last 2 weeks I’ve started working on the defensive side of the game with the U15’s boys team; more specifically the topic of pressing and dropping. Before I leave for University in a few weeks, my aim is to help players understand the basic mechanics of pressing and dropping; both individually and as a team. It is near impossible that they Continue reading


The 4 S’s of Defending

I planned the session well in advance and was thoroughly prepared. The topic of the session was defending, more specifically 1v1s.

After watching the U9’s week after week, I’ve found that the players were allowing opposition players to come onto them and backing off until the opposition reached our penalty box. I wanted the team to tackle the opposition higher up the pitch and then we could build our attacks from there.

So I started of the session by setting up 8 by 8 yard squares. The size of area was purposely Continue reading