Changes are Needed – Response to Future of Youth Football Proposals

I’ve just read the new proposals via @nlevett on Twitter and I have to say I am very impressed. If all these proposals are put through, grassroots football will change for the better.

However, there are two very big issues that need to be addressed no matter what changes are introduced. The first issue is the parents. No matter how many changes are made to the size Continue reading


You’re not the Perfect Coach!

Even he's not the Perfect Coach...Close though

And so what?!

Stating the obvious

When you receive your Level 1 Coaching Badge, you are a Level 1 Coach.

Why are you stating the obvious I hear you ask. The reason I made the statement above is because some coaches including myself, have had and will have doubts about their coaching ability.

When you start off, there will be coaching sessions where Continue reading

How to become a Football Coach – The Updated Version

The Best Coach Ever?

Take 30 seconds out of your time to type the question “How do I become a Football Coach” into Google. The first link?

The BBC sport website from who knows when. The fact that the first link you are directed to is an out of date BBC website with very limited information, only goes to show why people who want to become coaches do not know where to start. To become a qualified coach is easy. You simply sign up to take the Level 1 Coaching qualification and if you pass, you are a qualified coach.

How far do you want to go with Coaching?

Some parents want to coach their kid’s team. Some people want Continue reading

The Greatest Side Ever? How do you stop them?!

World Class: How do you stop them?

How do you beat Barcelona?

In my opinion, you have to do one of the two extremes. You either have to play an extreme pressing game, or play an extreme containment game. If you try to play a balance of the two, Barcelona WILL open you up with ease.

Personally, I would go for the extreme pressing game. For the simple reason Continue reading

Grassroots Football: Problems, Problems, Problems!

What has the manager in 10 years got to work with?!

The Spain vs England friendly brought back comparisons between the quality of players Spain are producing compared to England. Take a look at Spain’s squad for the friendly.

Spain squad to face England:

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Jose Reina (Liverpool), Victor Valdes (Barcelona); Continue reading