Masterclass with John Cartwright at the London Football Coaches Association

I’ve got the coaching feeling back.

One thing I’ve experienced this past year and a half is going after your dream is not straightforward. Sometimes you can stray and become sidetracked with things that are not important. That’s where I give thanks to the masterclass event held by the London Football Coaches Association I recently attended, with guest speaker John Cartwright for putting me back on track.

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Time for action: Creating a culture (Part 2)

I’m on the verge of being able to create something close to the perfect environment that the coaching family on twitter wants to see. A club run from scratch that will create a positive, fun learning environment for kids and also coaches.

Right now it is at an infant stage in terms of getting up and running, however Continue reading

Coaching Women’s University Football

Team meeting with Coventry University Women's 2nd team It has been a busy year!

For those that don’t know, I left grassroots football in September to finish my last year of University studying Economics. Luckily enough I was able to get the coaching role for the Women’s second team at my University through the use of Twitter. Those two combined have been the reason for my lack of activity on the blog, but that’ll change from now on because I have officially finished University! I’ll be going through my future plans in another blog post but I’m going to use this post to share my experiences of coaching this year.

I’ve only been involved in coaching kids, but I’ve always wanted to test myself with adults and there was a different kind of pressure this past eight months. Results are Continue reading

Rise of the Coach: My Journey – The Power of Twitter

Hello fellow coaches!

Hope you’re all well. Thought I would update you on where I’m at in my coaching career as there have been some significant developments.

Last June I decided to take a gap year from University to pursue a career in coaching. Exactly a year later and I’ve surpassed my expectations. In this year, I have passed my Level 1 and 2 qualifications. I work for a coaching company and deliver football sessions in primary schools and also assist other coaches in PE lessons. I’ve also attended CPD events Continue reading

Learn to Adapt

Hello fellow coaches.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve been coaching at least 4 times a week in schools for PE and after school football clubs. In addition to this, I coach U9’s for my grassroots team once a week.

Before I entered schools to coach, I was used to a great 3G astro, half a 7-a-side pitch and the equipment was in good condition. Furthermore, I only had to coach around 10-12 kids at each session. However, coaching at schools forced me to adapt to Continue reading

Best Session Yet

I’ve been coaching U9’s at a grassroots club since August. Over the last 2 months, I’ve taken full control of training sessions and the improvement has been substantial.

Players are arriving early because the sessions are more enjoyable and the kids have seen an improvement in their performances on a Sunday. The use of SSG’s has lead to an improvement in technique and decision making and the Q&A after the session has helped to develop their understanding of each session topic. Players are desperate to answer questions, which is a big difference Continue reading

The 4 S’s of Defending

I planned the session well in advance and was thoroughly prepared. The topic of the session was defending, more specifically 1v1s.

After watching the U9’s week after week, I’ve found that the players were allowing opposition players to come onto them and backing off until the opposition reached our penalty box. I wanted the team to tackle the opposition higher up the pitch and then we could build our attacks from there.

So I started of the session by setting up 8 by 8 yard squares. The size of area was purposely Continue reading