Time for action: Creating a culture (Part 1)

England’s recent failings at all levels this summer has caused more concern from English football fans about the amount of quality players we are producing for our national team. Fingers have been pointed at The FA, Premier League, coaches of grassroots and others.

However we all have to take some blame for this.

The FA have started to make changes; the change of format to the grassroots game and the appointment of three good coaches to head up youth development in the country. The Premier League has the power to do what it wants and our voices are unlikely to be heard when the FA can’t influence the Premier League to make positive changes.

So what are YOU, the people working at grassroots level, doing to create change to our football in England? Continue reading


CoachMeron: Rise of the Coach

Coach Meron

This is where I give you guys a little insight into me, the blogger.

My name is Meron Teweldemedhin and I am a 21 year old student from London, studying an Economics degree. Since the age of 18, I have known that I wanted to enter the football coaching world. From when I was a child, I never knew what I wanted to be when I was older. An Astronaut, a Train Driver, a Teacher…You name it and I guarantee that at one point it was what I wanted to be!  However, there was always one constant in my life. Since I saw my first match on the box at the age of 7, I have had a burning passion for football. There is not one day that goes by when I do not think about football in some capacity. I check the football news in general and about my club. What club I hear you ask? It’s none other than the club with the most passionate support in the World; Newcastle United. I could try and put into words how much I adore Newcastle but it wouldn’t do it justice. They are my club and it is my goal to manage them at some point in the future.

As soon as I graduate, I plan to become a full-time Football Coach. At the moment, I am a Level 1 Qualified Coach and am about to progress to a Level 2 Qualified Coach. I volunteer part-time as a coach for Wadham FC’s Under 7’s and 9’s team in East London and thoroughly enjoy it.

Motivations for blogging

My blogging has the objective of developing coaches, which in turn will lead to better developed players.

Most coaching blogs I’ve visited are made by ex-pros who already have a foot in the industry. They haven’t experienced what it is like to start from the bottom of the ladder. And if they have, the documentation of the path they took is very straightforward and minimal. I am certain I will make it to the top and will do everything in my power to do so. As I progress up the coaching ladder, I wanted a place to document my experiences and share them with fellow coaches.

When I first realised I wanted to be a Football Coach, the only information available was primarily about the coaching courses. They made it sound so easy! I get all the coaching badges and voila, I will be a Premier League manager! I want to keep coaches grounded. It’s not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of graft and hard work that goes into becoming a coach. It’s not an overnight process. I want this site to be the central hub for developing coaches. Help me to improve the standard of our coaches by improving the information available.

What will I be blogging about?

One thing I have to make clear to you guys is that I am not an expert.

I am an inexperienced coach compared to most other coaches who write blogs. I only started coaching myself in August this year! This blog is not for me to tell you that there is only one right way to become a coach. The purpose of this blog is to provide a hub of information for coaches eager to make their way up the coaching ladder.

There are 4 categories to my blog excluding the category “About Rise of the Coach”. They will be “Coach Meron’s Journey”, “Match Reviews”, “Tactical Analysis” and “Coach the Coach”. Articles posted under the “Coach Meron’s Journey” category will be a documentation of the path I will take to become a full-time coach at the highest level. It will include information about my coaching philosophy, experiences of every training session I conduct and experiences of every Matchday I attend. Articles posted under the “Match Reviews” category are self explanatory. I will be reviewing selected matches every week (if I can), giving my personal opinions on the matches, including ratings for each player. Articles posted under the “Tactical Analysis” category will discuss the analytical side of certain aspects of Football. Aspects such as team shape, positional roles, transitions and more. These aspects of the game are usually taught on the Level 3 Coaching Badge; however, it will help our development as coaches and prepare us for the Level 3 Qualification, if you intend to take it. Coach the Coach is the engine room of the blog. It is where I encourage the readers to express anything and everything that will aid the development of fellow coaches.

Share, Share, Share!

The only thing that will determine the success of this blog is you. Yes you!

My aim is to make this blog the central hub of everything football coaching. I want aspiring and developing coaches to have a reference point for their questions to be answered. Coach the coach will be an important page for the coaching community. However, I would love to hear your views on each and every article I post. I want there to be football coaching debates running through the site. Also, if you have any topics you would like me to talk about, then just leave a comment on one of the articles I make and I’ll consider it. So remember to Share, Share, Share!