About ROTC

How do I become a Football Coach?

My name is Meron and I am a Level 1 Qualified Coach working my way up the coaching ladder. This is a blog for fellow coaches to share their experiences and create an answer for the question: How do I become a Football Coach? Share everything from obstacles, pathway taken, any sort of experience that will help coaches of any level progress.

There are 4 categories to my blog excluding the category “About Rise of the Coach”. They will be “Coach Meron’s Journey”, “Match Reviews”, “Tactical Analysis” and “Coach the Coach”. Articles posted under the “Coach Meron’s Journey” category will be a documentation of the path I will take to become a full-time coach at the highest level. It will include information about my coaching philosophy, experiences of every training session I conduct and experiences of every Matchday I attend. Articles posted under the “Match Reviews” category are self explanatory. I will be reviewing selected matches every week (if I can), giving my personal opinions on the matches, including ratings for each player. Articles posted under the “Tactical Analysis” category will discuss the analytical side of certain aspects of Football. Aspects such as team shape, positional roles, transitions and more. These aspects of the game are usually taught on the Level 3 Coaching Badge; however, it will help our development as coaches and prepare us for the Level 3 Qualification, if you intend to take it. Coach the Coach is the engine room of the blog. It is where I encourage the readers to express anything and everything that will aid the development of fellow coaches.

Explore the site and share your views about everything football coaching!


3 thoughts on “About ROTC

  1. Hi Meron,

    Just been reading through this, some nice stuff but too much recent. Did you set up your club with the junior teams?

    I work at a club that is looking for coaches at younger age groups all the time, who train at Low Hall (right by Douglas eyre) on Friday evening and saturday mid day. If you haven’t got commitments already , would you be interested?

    Louie (louiesilvani@hotmail.co.uk)

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