Rise of the Coach: My Journey – The Power of Twitter

Hello fellow coaches!

Hope you’re all well. Thought I would update you on where I’m at in my coaching career as there have been some significant developments.

Last June I decided to take a gap year from University to pursue a career in coaching. Exactly a year later and I’ve surpassed my expectations. In this year, I have passed my Level 1 and 2 qualifications. I work for a coaching company and deliver football sessions in primary schools and also assist other coaches in PE lessons. I’ve also attended CPD events from my local FA throughout the year to further my knowledge. Furthermore, I started this blog, which is running well and hopefully it has helped you guys..

However the biggest help has come from Twitter. Yes you heard me right. Twitter. Twitter has become the number 1 resource for all aspiring coaches who want to develop and improve. My knowledge and understanding of coaching has definitely been accelerated through this powerful social media network. It not only helped to shape my philosophy and ideas but it also acts as an experienced mentor. I can ask any questions I have and receive numerous responses that encourage debate.

However the biggest benefit of Twitter is the network you can create. It was through Twitter that I contacted a football coach working at my University. We arranged a meeting along with a few girls from the Women’s team at my University, which went well. As a result of this networking, I am now my University’s Womens 2nd team Manager starting September!

In terms of my coaching path, I love working with kids and will continue to do so after University. However, I plan to enter the adult game at some point during the future. So this opportunity is the start of hopefully a long and illustrious coaching career in the adult game.

That’s my story so far. It sounds like it has been easy but it’s been a tough journey. As most of you know, earning enough money to live from coaching is a success in itself.

So drop a comment below telling me and my readers who you are, what you are doing and your future aims. Would love to hear from my readers 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Rise of the Coach: My Journey – The Power of Twitter

  1. Just found your blog through twitter. Sounds like your progressing well in your dream to coach as a career! What are you studying at your university?

    Im very interested in a career in professional football though I am not sure what area just yet. I have completed my Level 1 in coaching and have had experience coaching summer camps for a company in the US, over the last year I also started working for a company coaching grassroots on saturday mornings. I’ve yet to coach a competitive team and that is the next step I am hoping to take during my next year at University. Im studying Sports Business Management and would love to work as a football coach for a career but as you have already stated its hard to make living from. The business side of sport also really interests me and at this moment I am willing to take whatever opportunities within the sport industry come my way to gain as much experience as possible.

    I like the idea of having a blog to document how your career progresses and I might do the same as yourself. In terms of coaching I was wondering if you read any books or articles that really helped with your own philosophy or was twitter your main tool?

    Also how did your first season go with the Women’s 2nd team?


    • Hi Ben,

      I’m on the pathway but still a long way to go! I study Economics and I’ve just finished University and finally get the chance to pursue this coaching dream full-time.

      The advice I would give is clarify a couple of long term goals and figure out what you may have to do to attain those goals. It will give you a more focused pathway. However don’t be afraid to try new experiences that may lay outside of the pathway. Sounds like you’re progressing well. Be proactive as well. Most of our learning comes from outside of coaching courses so it’s important to try to learn everyday.

      Definitely start a blog. I’ve found it helps me to reflect on my experiences and look at them from a different view point. Some books that I have read are:

      ‘Wooden on Leadership’ – John Wooden (A really really good book. Definitely recommend this)
      ‘Inverting the Pyramid’ – Jonathan Wilson (Gives a sort of history of football tactics. Interesting read)
      ‘Focused for Soccer’ – Bill Beswick (I’m starting to read more into psychology and this is an interesting book as well)

      Check out my new blog posts. My season with the University team is explained there.



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