How to become a Football Coach – The Updated Version

The Best Coach Ever?

Take 30 seconds out of your time to type the question “How do I become a Football Coach” into Google. The first link?

The BBC sport website from who knows when. The fact that the first link you are directed to is an out of date BBC website with very limited information, only goes to show why people who want to become coaches do not know where to start. To become a qualified coach is easy. You simply sign up to take the Level 1 Coaching qualification and if you pass, you are a qualified coach.

How far do you want to go with Coaching?

Some parents want to coach their kid’s team. Some people want to become full-time coaches.

If you want to coach at any level, the minimum requirement is the FA Level 1 in Coaching Football (1ST4SPORT). Once you have passed this, you are a qualified coach. Parents who want to coach their kid’s team usually stop at this point, but they can gain more qualifications if they want to expand their coaching knowledge.

Coaching at a higher level requires certain qualifications.

This link below directs you to The Coaching Pathway. It outlines all the courses available and shows the courses that are Open Entry, and the courses that have requirements that need to be fulfilled to enter the course.

I’ve also found this little gem that outlines in great detail the content, pre-requisites, duration and cost of each course:

I hope I’ve given enough information but if there is anything else you want to ask don’t be afraid to drop a comment below.

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