Masterclass with Spurs coach Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey, Tottenham Coach, FA London Masterclass Session – Monday 31st October 2011

I had one of the most influential days of my coaching career so far.

An event was held by the London FA, led by Tottenham Coach Chris Ramsey, where he put on a session specified as Playing up to and off Central Strikers. It was my first experience of a Masterclass session because it is my first year as a member of the London FA, and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable and knowledgeable. Chris carried out the session with Leyton Orient boys around the age of 14 or 15. To witness the manner in which a coach of his experience and longevity conducts a training session was amazing. Paying particular attention to when and how he liked to progress. It seemed so natural. He worked the Leyton Orient boys from drills to a game situation exercise effortlessly. So effortlessly in fact, the players realised straight away the effectiveness and relation of the drill to the game situation exercise.

The content of the session was very eye opening as well. Certain aspects of a striker’s play became apparent to a novice coach like me. The qualities of holding up a ball, troubling a defender with your body position and movement, terms Chris used such as “Sit”, “Show the Cloak”, “Arc the run”, “Getting off the defenders’ eye line” and more.

These Masterclass sessions are a great way for coaches to pick up specific sessions that can be replicated for your team, and also allows coaches to ask any queries they have on coaching to an experienced and successful coach.

Key Lesson: Unopposed – Semi Opposed – Opposed

If you are not constructing your sessions like this then start now! All these aspects should have the same theme running through them. The unopposed and semi-opposed drill should be related to the opposed game situation exercise. There is no point on working on shooting when the game situation exercise works on keeping possession.


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